10 Reasons Why Consent Is EVERYTHING

Consent is EVERYTHING, because who doesn’t want to know how somebody else really feels about them?!

At Fumble, we love consent. We love talking about it, and writing about it – we can’t get enough of it! Here are some reasons why:

Saying “YES” to something…

1) It’s empowering.

2) It promotes a healthy relationship.

3) It doesn’t kill the mood, it makes the mood.

4) It shows respect.

5) It’s essentially just talking about sex, which is great.

Consent is not just about asking for consent, either. Nor is it about just saying an enthusiastic ‘YES’ to something you really want to do! It’s just as much about saying ‘NO’ when you don’t feel like engaging in a sexual (or non-sexual) activity too.

Saying “NO” to something…

6) It’s empowering

7) It promotes a healthy relationship

8) It doesn’t kill the mood, it makes the mood

9) It shows respect

10) It’s essentially just talking about sex, which is great

Yup, that’s right. It’s EVERYTHING, whether it’s what you want to hear or not, or whether it’s hard to say or not.

Whatever your gender, consent is the most important thing you should never have any kind of sexual activity without.

Whether you receive an ENTHUSIASTIC “YES” or an UNENTHUSIASTIC “NO”, when you ask for consent, it’s always good to know how somebody feels about you – and how you feel about someone else in that moment.

And you know what? Both feelings and responses are COMPLETELY okay.

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