5 Things You Can Do Instead of Wasting Money on Stamina Pills

Fumble has some handy tips to make your sexperiences better, not just longer

The “men” section on sites like Lovehoney.com can look quite weird.

While I’m not exactly sure what “Dragon Virility Cream” actually does (if anyone knows, HMU), the general theme seems to be about artificially “enhancing” your stamina during sex.

Lovehoney even claims: “[w]hether you want to delay ejaculation, get a bigger penis or boost your sex drive, you’ll find everything you need right here”.

The problem with this is that sex is being treated as a pure performance – implying that a lack of stamina and endurance can cause you to “fail” at intercourse. Which is not true. 

So, rather than dropping cash at this outdated idea of pumping your partner into oblivion, here are some handy tips about having better sex without the help of “mendurance” pills, however much I love the pun.

1. Don’t be ashamed if you don’t last that long

First and foremost, there’s a fear attached to premature ejaculation, or coming too soon. In reality, very few people expect you to maintain an erection for hours at a time. If you’re upfront with the people you’re having sex with about your concerns, it won’t be a surprise, they will likely appreciate your honesty, and you will feel under less pressure when you get down to the fumbling!

2. If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen

Always bear in mind that your idea of ‘premature’ might not be the same as someone else’s. And even if you experience problems with coming too soon, there’s not much you can do to stop it – particularly in pill form! Orgasms are not something you can necessarily predict, but you can get creative with them. Which brings us to point 3:

3. More than just the in and out

I’m not going to list all the possible options for a good time rather than just intercourse, there’s already a fab article about non-intercourse sex here.

In short though, there are so many possible ways you can please your partner(s) outside of “put X in Y hole”. (Fore)play around with different things to find out what you and your partner(s) enjoy.

4. Communication is key

Sorry for the cliche, but it’s a stereotype because it’s true. Talking to the people you have sexual relationships with about what you think are issues means they normally get resolved before they actually happen!!

5. No matter what, probably best not to buy magic penis cream

Just because something is a top seller on a sex toy site, does not always mean it’s the right thing for you.

In general, penis enhancement can be incredibly dangerous. Just take a look at this HUGE list by the FDA about unsafe sexual enhancement products, labelled as “tainted sexual enhancement products”.


So to summarise: save your cash, experiment with different things that feel enjoyable, and don’t be afraid to talk about how you’re feeling!

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