A Beginner’s Guide to Literary Erotica

Finding the right sexy story for you

So you’re interested in finding something steamy for your reading list? Look no further for your literary erotica guide.

Reading literary erotica is a fun and easy way to add some excitement to your day. As well as a safe option for exploring sexual fantasies.

But before you begin your search, it may be easier to narrow it down.

Ask yourself: “what am I looking for in a sexy story?”

New York Times bestselling romance novelist Sylvia Day helpfully splits literary erotica into four groups: Porn, Erotica, Erotic Romance, and Sexy Romance.

So what do you fancy?


Porn erotica is about the sex and your orgasm. Other elements, such as character development, plot, or romance, take a back seat.


Erotica focuses on the sexual journey of a character. There won’t necessarily be a romantic relationship with a happy ending. The emphasis is on the emotional and personal growth of the individual instead.

Erotic Romances

These stories tell a romantic relationship that develops through sexual interaction. Sex plays a key role in the plot and encourages growth for both the characters and the relationship. Happily Ever After ending included.

Sexy Romances

These stories focus on the development of a romantic relationship, accompanied with explicit sex. The sex is not a critical part of the story and could be removed without ruining the story line. Happily Ever After also included.

Now that you’ve given some consideration to what kind of erotic story you would like to read, it’s time to find it!

If you’re a reader who likes to have the physical copy, you can either order online or go to a bookstore, which have entire sections dedicated to romance novels and other erotic texts.

You could try out some erotic classics like Story of O, something more modern, or find a compilation of erotic short stories for variety.

Prefer to read online? Check out the popular Literotica, a free, erotic fiction website that has countless writings submitted by other users. The wide variety of story submissions means there’s something for everyone!

Happy reading!

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