How To Stop Fat Shaming People

Human bodies are beautiful, diverse, and unique, but we can still show prejudice towards different shapes. It’s time to challenge fat shaming

Human bodies are beautiful, diverse, and unique.

Every bump and lump is gorgeous, but we’re often conditioned to loathe our fat. Sometimes we unintentionally fat shame people – make fun of them, or talk critically about their size – and we need to stop. So, how do we do it?

First, everyone needs to visit The Body Is Not An Apology — a powerful movement that celebrates all bodies and teaches radical self-love.

This a bold, intersectional, and global campaign that envisions a world where we love our bodies and other bodies, leading to a more equitable and kind society. They also cover issues around race, gender and sexuality.

One of their viral articles from Nakeisha Campbell gives solid tips on how to stop fat shaming people and ultimately teaches us that “you can be both fat and fabulous”.

We all need to be involved in The Body is Not An Apology’s mission. Let’s dismantle the media’s narrow beauty standards, and recreate new values where all bodies are seen as beautiful, strong, and valuable.

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