Sex Pillows: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Sometimes we all need a little boost [Fumble rating 16+]

It was Christmas morning 2015 and there it was: sitting innocuously under the fake tree, bundled in Captain America wrapping paper. I picked it up and was surprised by its weightlessness; it almost felt like a cushion. Tearing away the gift wrap I realised I hadn’t been far off base. That’s right – my boyfriend had bought me a sex pillow. A giant piece of foam with a removable navy pillowcase for easy laundering. I was ecstatic.

I should specify that my boyfriend bought the sex pillow for us, not necessarily just for me: but I was definitely the one who needed it more. Due to recent frustrations we had been experiencing in the bedroom, he decided to take the initiative and try something new. I had shared with him before that while everything felt great during intercourse, I just couldn’t “get there.” Like many women who enjoy penetration, I felt like there was a certain spot inside of me that we were always just missing. Once we put me on the pillow, I knew there was no going back. It worked like a goddamn charm.

The secret of the sex pillow is nothing fancy. It elevates the hips and makes it easier to hit a woman’s G-spot during penetration. At least, that’s mainly how my boyfriend and I use ours. They can also be used to help perform different positions during sex so you can try all types of angles. The style of pillow we use is called the ramp and it looks as straightforward as it sounds. Never has geometry been so sexy.

The pillow pictured above is technically branded as the Liberator Ramp which retails for a whopping $174! As a college student who doesn’t have that kind of money to spend on a hump triangle, my boyfriend opted for an off-brand version found on Amazon for closer to $50, but keep it in mind there are multiple styles of sex pillow to choose from. Refinery 29 has a stellar article detailing all the various types, which serve different functions for everyone and every couple.

Some of you may be thinking “why the hell would I spend money on a sex pillow at all when I have plenty of pillows at home?” Guess what, you can use them too! I’m not advocating that buying a special pillow is required for better sex, that’s just what worked for me and my specific needs. I enjoy the more dramatic angle the ramp provides and I’ve found it to be reliably sturdy with its support. But if you’re interested in the idea, just shove a couple of pillows under your hips the next time you’re with a partner (or even going solo), and give it a whirl before doling out your money.

Happy fumbling!


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