These Singing Vaginas Have A Message For Donald Trump

“Leave our pussies alone!”

The President of the USA is the headache of the world right now, but as we’re all being forced to think about him on a daily basis, why not place him in the context of some sassy singing vaginas?

Theatre company Wondering Hands are on a mission to deliver high-quality conversations about sex, relationships, identity, and all the fuzzy stuff in between – and they’re aided by some pretty spectacular puppets.

Their Sex and Puppets cabaret, which combines authentic crowdsourced experiences with over 46 puppets (including fruit & veg) includes this ridiculously catchy number, that’s even more relevant now the “misogynist prick” is resident in the White House.

So, enjoy the dulcet tones of Lady Glitteris and the Vajazzles (and hit those subtitles for extra sass) – we guarantee you’ll be humming all day long.  And remember, Trump – leave our pussies alone!

Sex and Puppets is coming to Camden People’s Theatre on May 7 2017

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