PornHub’s Sexual Wellness Center Talks Love, Sexuality And Health

New site provides a resource for all things sex – and Fumble thinks it might be quite a good thing

With the lack of decent chat about sex and love in schools and at home, it’s no surprise that a 2015 NUS survey found 60% of students are watching porn in the hope of learning about sex.

But porn is not a learning tool, and carries a lot of dodgy messages. With that in mind, prolific porn-hosting platform Pornhub (try saying that ten times while drunk) has launched a brand spanking new Sexual Wellness Centre, in a bid to make things easier for people hoping to educate themselves

Founded and directed by American clinical psychologist Doctor Laurie Betito, the site tackles issues around health, body image, relationships and sexuality, not to mention this eye-opening bit of research about what Americans get up to at ‘play parties’.

As well as offering some top-notch clinical advice for your sexual FAQs, the initiative aims to fill you in on the latest developments in the sphere of sexuality research, and keep you up-to-date with the most recent trends in sex tech. Dr. Laurie will also host weekly Q&A sessions where readers will have a chance to receive feedback on questions about their own sexual lives.

Good job, sexual wellness dynamos! 

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