5 Of Our Fave Trans Vloggers

With International Transgender Day of Visibility (31 March) on the horizon, we share some of our fave transgender vloggers to check out

Everyone loves to laugh – and it’s even better when as many different people as possible are making that happen. So to celebrate International Transgender Day of Visibility, here are just five of the many fantastic trans, intersex and non-binary bloggers sharing their experiences, lives and humour on YouTube.

1) Fox Fisher

Fox is a trans man who identifies as non-binary. He helped kick off the My Genderation documentary series that follows various trans experiences and perspectives (across 23 people) in the UK.

It’s funny, honest and slick. Here’s an example:

2) Lewis Hancock

Lewis is Fox’s (above) partner in vlogging, with the pair the co-creators of the My Genderation series. He’s a comedy writer and filmmaker, who says: “I don’t identify as trans, but I am very open about the fact I am trans. It’s something that I am, but not who I am.

“To me, that simply means my body didn’t fit how I felt, a condition that I was born with that needed correcting.”

3) Kat Blaque

Kat is a trans woman from the US who can break down any issue – particularly those around race and gender – into simple, accessible, punchy roundups. Here, she explains why pronouns matter to the trans community:

4) Jamie Raines

Jamie is a student in his early twenties who identifies as a trans man and who has been vlogging about his experiences for over five years.

Here’s one particularly striking video of his that went viral, where Jamie took selfies every day for four years to document his transition over time.

5) Alex Bertie

Alex is another YouTuber from the UK who identifies as a trans man. His videos are sharp and witty, and accessible to anyone.


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Last Reviewed 23 November 2021

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