6 Places To Find Mental Health Support In The Pandemic

Looking for support right now? Here’s where to go

Our recent survey has found that young people have been facing a range of issues during the pandemic, from isolation, to tricky relationships, to struggling with motivation. For those living in tough family situations, it’s been hard to access the same support networks as before the pandemic hit.

If you’ve been struggling during the pandemic, don’t lose faith. Things will improve, life will return to normal, and there is hope on the horizon. 

If you need some support now – or just someone to talk to – we’ve put together a handy list of places you can check out online.

1. One Space 

If you’re under 25 and looking for mental health support, One Space directs you straight to what you need. Quick, simple, direct to support

2. YoungMinds

YoungMinds offers support and advice on all areas of young people’s mental health, with a section dedicated to advice about handling the coronavirus pandemic.

3. Give Us A Shout

Give Us A Shout offers free, confidential support via text. This means you can speak to someone trained in mental health support without even having to leave your house!

Text ‘shout’ to 85258. Here for you 24/7.

4. The Mix

The Mix provides support to young people under 25 and offers helpful guidance during these difficult times. You can reach out to them by phone, email, or even text.

5. Stem 4

Stem 4 is a fantastic place to find mental health support for teens and young people, with a handy tool to easily find resources related to issues such as anxiety, depression, or addiction.

6. Switchboard LGBTQ+ Helpline

Switchboard has a dedicated LGBTQ+ helpline, led by LGBTQ+ people, running daily from 10am-11pm. The service includes a text option, making it easy and discreet to reach out. Their helplines provide advice without any judgement or shame, so head over to their site for lots of resources and support. Our full list of LGBTQ+ support services can be found here

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Last reviewed 25 January 2021 | Image Credit: Armin Rimoldi via Pexels