The 8 Different Types Of Condoms You Need To Know About

There’s a perfect condom for everyone out there, you just need to find it

With so many different types of condoms to choose from, there’s no reason not to use one. But which one?

To help you navigate the delightful array of condoms to explore, here’s a list of JUST SOME of the many types you can buy or even get hold of for free to help spice up (and suit up) your sex life.

1. Extra Lubricated Condoms

These are great because they make having sex that little bit more comfortable. If your partner needs a little more lubrication to help you slide in more easily, then these slippery condoms are your best solution.

2. Extended Performance Condoms

If you climax sooner than you’d like to, extended performance condoms can help reduce your trigger-happy sensation while having sex, which means that you can keep thrusting that little bit longer.

3. Flavoured Condoms 

To add a little flavour to your sex life, you can get condoms that smell and taste like different types of food. So, why not try using a chewing gum flavoured condom the next time you ask for fellatio?

4. Ribbed & Dotted Condoms

Ever tried using a ribbed or a dotted condom? Ribbed and dotted condoms are both great fun, because their bumpy design supposedly helps you or your partner experience more pleasure while having penetrative sex.

5. Warming & Chilling Condoms

If you fancy a) heating things up in the bedroom or perhaps b) the super cool feeling of ice whilst having sex, these condoms are lubricated with warming or cooling gels that are safely designed to stimulate both you and your partner.

6. Ultra Thin Condoms

For some people, the feeling of a condom on your penis can throw them off and that’s why ultra thin condoms were created.

These condoms make you feel as though you’re not wearing one, whilst protecting you from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and diseases (STDs).

7. Bigger, Smaller and Big Headed Condoms

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to your penis, but when it comes to condoms it’s really important to use condoms that actually fits you.

That’s why you can buy condoms for longer, smaller and even for penis’ with bigger heads. Because, just like trousers, you have to keep trying out different sizes until you find the right fit.

8. Extra Safe Condoms 

If you enjoy sex, but would like stronger condoms you can also get extra safe condoms that are made slightly thicker, so that they are less likely to break while having sex.

SIDE NOTE FOR ALL 8 TYPES OF CONDOM: If you’re going to apply lubrication to your partner, just make sure that the lubricant you use compliments the condom you are wearing. Check out our lube guide here.

For more on how to actually use condoms, here’s a handy vid.

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