About Us

Right now, young people are really struggling: the challenges that we face when it comes to sex, relationships, our identities and our mental health are massive – especially in the digital world. Things like sexting, porn, ‘revenge porn’, online bullying and grooming, self-harm and suicide ideation, toxic ideologies getting us hooked on harmful ideas of gender, particularly masculinity, and more.

This is as well as old-school, offline issues we still face, like…

We turn to the internet, but the content is currently rubbish: uninspiring, unhealthy, or even unsafe.

This is where Fumble comes in. We’re the digital sex ed resource for the 21st century.

We create exciting, reliable, relatable digital content on intimacy, relationships, identity, health and wellbeing. A happy, healthy digital world of sex ed: by young people, for young people.

Fumble and our impact 2021

We make sure that young people have the skills and knowledge to successfully manage their sexual health, mental health and relationships today. We do this through our trusted, quality co-created digital content and our relationships and sex education (RSE) programme in schools, universities and other youth settings.

We’re a UK registered charity. We launched Fumble in March 2017, and gained charity status in February 2020. Registered charity number: 1188089.

The people we support

Young people up to the age of 25 in the UK, of all genders, sexualities and backgrounds. Within this, we especially focus on those aged 11-21.

Our vision

We want to be the go-to online resource on sex and relationships for young people. Engaging, relevant, inclusive and non-judgemental: by young people, for young people.

Our values

Relevant & non-judgemental 
Inclusive & diverse
 Engaging & accurate

We are a young team ourselves: from our trustees to our wider team, we’re all under 35, and the majority of our volunteers are under 25.

Quality control: Our top quality digital resources meet our rigorous internal review process as well as the statutory Department of Education guidance for relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education. We also work with similar, wonderful organisations across the RSE sector and beyond!

We are inclusive and diverse, centering the needs and experiences of marginalised young people who have traditionally been left out of mainstream sex education in schools, especially LGBTQ+ young people, those living with disability, and those from minority ethnic backgrounds.

Why do we Fumble?

We could go on. Fumble answers questions on sex and relationships that young people are simply not getting elsewhere. You can find out ways to get involved here.

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