How To Get A Thigh Gap

Want to achieve the perfect thigh gap? We have some advice

Many women and girls obsess about getting a thigh gap —  that space between your upper thighs when your feet touch.

Mary Jellvosky has some advice on how to achieve that thigh gap:

☝️ Separate your thighs
☝️ Screw it. Love yourself

Ok, so we may have lied. Truth is there isn’t actually a method to achieve a thigh gap. Mary Jellvosky is just one of many people calling out this ridiculous beauty standard.

Her side-by-side photo also shows how easy it is to fake a thigh gap. So while it may seem that everyone has a thigh gap, most people don’t.

The truth is that thighs come in all shapes and sizes. Some people’s thighs touch, others don’t and both are beautiful and normal.

We are often told that if we do certain exercises or diet we will achieve that thigh gap. In reality, that’s all down to your bone structure and body shape. Some people have narrow hips, which makes it virtually impossible to get a thigh gap regardless of how much they exercise or diet.

In fact, if your thighs do kiss, you’re pretty much a mermaid, and I wouldn’t say no to that.

Let’s not body shame people. Your thighs are not “problem areas”. Whether you have a thigh gap or not, your thighs are totally gorgeous just the way they are.

And if you want some extra laughs, check out tgap and how they are tackling unrealistic body standards on social media.

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