Black Hair Is Beautiful

Black women often feel pressured to wear their hair in certain ways, and that’s not okay

But many black women are challenging societal pressures. They are sharing their stories and celebrating black hair in all its beauty and diversity.

Bias Against Black Hair

Many black women speak about the discrimination and bias they face because of their hair. A 2016 study in the U.S.A found that white women found black hair less beautiful, 20% of black women felt pressure to straighten their hair for work, and black women experienced higher levels of anxiety about their hair compared to white women.

Hair Pressure

“You’re not black if you relax your hair”

“You’re trying to be white”

“Natural hair is hard”

These are just a few comments from “Black Hair Is…”“, an incredible video project created by Un-ruly. It features short debates led by six women with relaxed hair and six women with natural hair.

They explore what black hair is, what it means, the pressures they face, and what divides exist in the black community and in society at large.

All Hair is Beautiful

Black hair is beautiful, versatile, and professional and it needs to be celebrated. Everyone needs to question their biases, and learn to love all hair.

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