Blog: How I’ve stayed motivated during the pandemic

A routine that focuses on treating yourself could help get you through this pandemic

As 2021 approached and another lockdown was imminent, I initially felt despair, I couldn’t face another few months of not seeing anyone inside or having the chance to meet other people for some coffee or food. 

I’d suffered an all-time low in my motivation in December and the long wintery nights weren’t helping. I’m not a fan of the cold, so the idea of endless walks didn’t fill me with much joy. Then for Christmas, I got a book on ‘Hygge’, the Danish term for ‘cosyness’ and focuses on making the dark winter a more enjoyable experience. It was a game changer.

Hygge includes lots of candles, blankets, hot drinks and making yourself feel happier. This book spurred me into action to try and flip my outlook by embracing the winter rather than dreading it. I started lighting candles in the evening, and putting the fire on, as well as buying some new teas to try out.

Routine helped the most

The thing that has helped the most though, has been deciding to structure my day more, and create a routine to boost my motivation

I downloaded a free app called Insight Timer, which has been guiding me through a morning meditation challenge each day. This has helped put my mind in focus and is a nice way to start the day. I’ll treat myself to a long breakfast, which mainly involves a nice hot cup of tea and staring out the window for a bit. I’d start work at 9, then make sure I had some tasty snacks ready to go and finish the day with a half an hour yoga session. 

The structure of the routine has helped bring me some focus and motivates me throughout the day because I have something to look forward to both before and after work. The yoga exercise helps me to feel grateful and I feel a sense of achievement by turning up each day to do it. I’ve also felt stronger and better mentally which has directly improved my motivation, particularly to carry on with practicing yoga. 

Find the things that bring you joy, even in the bleak times

I still miss seeing other people, but I have found that meditation and yoga are ways to enjoy spending time on my own. Finding the activities or things that bring you joy is essential at the moment and it could be anything – cooking, reading, knitting, watching television – all sorts! 

Carving out time for things that make you happy, helps to improve your mood and mindset and will feed into your motivation too. So I’d highly recommend spending some time figuring out activities you like to do solo and incorporating them into a daily routine. 

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Last reviewed 1 March 2021

Image Credit: Vince Fleming via Unsplash

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