Five Quick Hacks For A Body Positive Summer

Sun’s out, guns out – feel great. Fumble writer Leiran Gibson offers advice on having the best body positive summer imaginable

For some people, the summer season brings on discomfort, stress, and even anger in the way they view their body. And that sucks. So, as the weather hots up, here are some suggestions for a brilliant body positive summer!

1- Get butt naked

Every day we see so many examples of what the media and internet think are sexy, hot and beautiful bodies; so much that we often forget just how beautiful we are. And this can really ramp up in the warmer months, when everyone’s showing a bit more skin.

So, why not take a brief moment every day to look at yourself in the mirror and find all the parts of your naked body that you like? Go on – you’re as hot as the weather. 

2- Keep it clean

With the scorching heat and pesky pollen flying everywhere, muggy summer days can make you feel sweaty and irritable. A long cool shower can be the difference between life and death when it’s muggy, and moisturising your skin, using deodorant and trimming any unwanted facial or body hair can also make a huge difference. By taking extra care of your body in the hot weather, you’ll not only feel cooler during summer scorchers, but more confident about the way your body looks!

3- Surround yourself with body positive people

It’s really easy to get stressed about your body image. But if you surround ourselves with people who are confident enough to talk openly and positively about the way they look and feel, you can get lots of perspective about how other people view their body and how you can talk openly about yours.

If you like something about a friend’s body, why not be honest and tell them how great they look?

4- Write it down, you’ll remember it

If someone gives you a compliment, write it down or save it as a note on your phone. Maybe even write down the name of the person who said it to you.

If you remember what people like about you, you can cheer yourself up by revisiting their words whenever you feel blue with your body.

5- Wear a smile 

There’s nothing more beautiful than a smile – it not only makes other people feel good, but it triggers your brain to release endorphins throughout your body, which will help to make you feel happy and confident. With benefits like these, what have you got to lose?

We all have moments where we feel down or dysmorphic about our bodies, and it can feel particularly acute in the summer. Next time you feel jaded with your lovely self, give our handy tricks a go: and remember, no matter what shape and size your body is, you are beautiful. So embrace it – and enjoy the sun!

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