How To Check Your Balls

It’s time to build a better relationship with your body – starting with the testicles 

Check your balls, you guys. Check. Your. Balls.

Or, C.Y.B. – It’s not a thing, YET, but we’re going to make it one.

While you may be being encouraged to stop playing with your private parts in some contexts, we are encouraging you to do the exact opposite here. And it’s for your own good. 

But why?

When was the last time you checked your balls to see how they’re doing?

If it was recently – keep doing it; if you’ve not done it before – it’s not too late to start.

It’s all about building a relationship with your balls. It sounds ridiculous to say it, but it’s a very easy (and necessary) thing to do. You already see them every day. You already touch them every day. You already clean them every day* (*we sincerely hope).

So, why not use one of the opportunities to give them a good check to see if they’re healthy?

We’re asking you this because testicular cancer is the most common cancer of mean aged between 25 and 49. But it happens to younger and older guys too. So, a simple ball-check will give you the best chance of beating the disease should it ever happen to you.

We’re not saying you need to do it every day; more like once a month. It’s the best way to notice if there are any changes over time to your testicles – changes which would indicate a lot about your health.

Like a new lump, bump, or swelling. It’s about noticing a change, something different than before. Simple as that. So check your balls.

Ok, so what’s the story?

Although most cancers get more common as you get older, testicular cancer is different. It’s most likely to happen when you’re young or middle aged.

Cancer can be a scary word, but the stats are favourable on this one. According to the Teenage Cancer Trust, the chances of making a full recovery from testicular cancer are good, but finding it early makes it a lot easier to treat. 

In short, more than 98% of men who get testicular cancer will be cured.

How do I go about this then?

You don’t need to ‘grow a pair’, but instead just ‘grab a pair*’ (*your own pair, of course.)

It’s a good practice to get into, so just work it into your routine. Doing it after a bath or shower is best, because the skin around your balls is loose and relaxed. 

Rest your balls in the palm of your hand, and gently roll each one between finger and thumb. What you’re looking for may include: 1) a lump (which might be painless); 2) increased size; 3) hardness; or 4) pain or heaviness in the ball sack.

And just so you know, it’s normal to have one ball slightly bigger, or hanging slightly lower than the other. That’s why you should get to know what’s normal for you and then look for changes over time. 

If you find something strange, don’t stew over it, or worry about it. Just get an appointment with your doctor as soon as you can – they’re there to help, not to scare you. 

Remember: ball problems are usually caused by something much less serious than cancer, so it’s best to put your mind to rest. And doctors are the best placed people to figure out what’s wrong, so don’t try and figure it out yourself. 

Any more information?

It’s all about taking pride in yourself and getting to know your body. I mean, if not already (which is totally fine), you’re probably already interested, or becoming interested in what’s between other peoples’ legs, so why not familiarise yourself with what’s between yours along the way? It’s a good habit to get into.

Here’s some of the best resources for further reading on how to check your balls:


It’s In The Bag

Teenage Cancer Trust

Oh and CYB.

Yup, still trying to make it a thing! 

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