What Is A Condom? How Do You Use One?

A handy video to help you get to grips with condoms – male ones, female ones, every kind of safe one.

Brook, a cool sexual health charity, has released a series of brilliant videos on contraception.

There are SO MANY TYPES of contraception, it’s tough to keep up with what all of them do. This series breaks each one into a bitesized chunk, so now there’s an easy way to work out what’s best for you. Amazing.

First up, how to use a condom! Check it out in the vid below, and find the whole series here. And while you’re at it, why not take a look at our guide for where to get free condoms? Everyone loves a freebie.


Using a condom when you have sex is really important – remember it’s the only form of contraception that will protect you from both pregnancy AND STIs.

So keep suiting up, gang!

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