Being Single Can Be Awesome

Flying solo can be great, here’s why… 

In a world where #relationshipgoals is a permanently trending hashtag, the pressure to find a #bae can be intense – from our friends, family, and even fictional characters. Feeling as though you’re the only one flying solo can sometimes be lonely, but if you’re currently living the singleton life, we’ve pulled together a list of reasons why it’s fantastic:


Being single means you can figure out out all the things you like (and don’t like) without having to answer to anyone else. You can break out of habits: try foods you’ve never eaten before, go travelling without squabbling over the destination, and buy tickets to that Steps revival gig without someone questioning their brilliance. Owning the things you love helps you understand what makes you a unique and fascinating person – and being confident in that is magical. 

More Money

Uploading romantic candlelit meals to your Instagram is all very lovely – but have you ever thought about how much #datenights can set you back? Love can be expensive. If you’re single, you don’t have to worry about splashing out on your spouse or partner: instead, you can spend more money on yourself, treat your family and friends to dinner, or even donate some money to someone in need. Whatever you decide to do with this extra bit of cash is absolutely up to you.

Free Time

Your spare time is your own, and you can be as selfish or as generous with it as you want! Socialise with your friends, sleep through the day, take up a new hobby, learn a new language, volunteer in an altruistic endeavour – the world is your oyster. 

Get Organised

Have you ever wondered why single people are often successful? They often have more time to dedicate to their studies, fewer distractions when they’re thinking about building their career, and absolutely no need to compromise over the choices they make. Sometimes you need to be alone to help you to focus on your goals and dreams. So, what you waiting for? Go get it!

Focus on Friendships

Another wonderful thing about being single is that you realise just how special your friendships can be. Falling in love is great – but it can often take up so much of your time and emotional energy that your pals get lost by the wayside. Your friends make you laugh, they know and accept you with all your flaws, and are always there to pick up the pieces if your relationships fall apart. So take the time to build strong and meaningful relationships with your friends – they will outlive the vast majority of your romantic relationships.

Single is Sexy

You don’t need to be in a relationship to have fun, and a great thing about being single is that you have the freedom to have sex with as many, or as few, people as you want. But remember – whether you have a friend with benefits, enjoy the freedom of one night stands, or just want to explore your sexuality on your own – make sure you use protection and practice all sexual activities safely.

Be Healthy

Being single is a great time to focus on your health. Exercise is a great source of natural endorphins – so instead of stressing out about being alone, why not go out for a run or join a new team sport? Eating healthier meals or taking time to meditate and look after your mental health are other great ways to care for yourself.

Be Brave

Finally, being single can also be by choice. For some people, being single is simply more appealing. So even if you’re single and it’s not by choice, be confident and have the strength to say:

“Yeah, I’m single. It’s great and i’m really enjoying it.”


Relationships can, of course, be fantastic too. Having a special someone who showers you with gifts, smothers you with cuddles, and always has your back whenever you need a emotional boost is great. But you are far less likely to see all the hard work, the stresses, the compromises, or even moments of jealousy that are just as much part of being in a relationship as the adorable Instaposts.

You should also remember that we were all single at one time or another. If you’re not dating right now, it doesn’t mean that you’re failing or being left behind. So try not to assess your life by comparing yourself to the people around you, and and learn to enjoy where you are – wherever you are.

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