Five Body Positive Instagram Inspirations

Our bodies are imperfect – and that’s okay. We all need some inspiration for embracing our bodies

Our bodies are imperfect. All the bumps, scars, hair, and marks represent moments in our lives, from childbirth, to puberty, to ageing, to general life. That’s powerful.

But too often we are told to hide these marks and present ourselves as unblemished dolls.

We often forget that all bodies have flaws, which we should flaunt not hide. So here are some body positive Instagram accounts to remind us that we don’t have to hide our bodies. We should flaunt them.

Thick Leeyonce

Stretch marks on your boobs is totally normal and beautiful. You don’t have to hide them.


Harnaam Kaur

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Harnaam was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome as a child, which can lead to excessive hair growth. After years of endless waxing and shaving she decided to fully embrace her body hair and grew a “lady beard”. People may stare, people may laugh, but Haraam is strong and confident. She is a true inspiration and proof that you do not have to change your body for anyone. You are beautiful.


Emily Bador

People get acne. People have rolls. People have hair. It’s totally ok.


Danielle Brooks

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Danielle Brooks has nicknamed her stretch marks “road maps” to remind her of her strength and journey in life. She’s learned to fully embrace her stretch marks (and so should you.)


Kenzie Brenna

Most people have cellulite. You can have it at any age. Kenzie proves that it’s beautiful, so no need to cover it up.


All bodies are beautiful

If you ever doubt yourself or feel low, you now know there are plenty of incredible people to remind you that you are valuable, gorgeous, and worthy. And we should all take a little time to be body positive now and again.

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