Flirting, It’s Not All About Sex

Flirting can have a bad rep these days… but we have the power to change it!

Some people see flirting as nothing more than the art of tricking someone into bed.

When it’s seen as a ‘means to an end’, it can leave both sides – the person doing the flirting and the person being flirted with – feeling confused, and perhaps worse off than when the interaction began.

Why so?

Because flirting is closely linked to both confidence and self-esteem – two of the most fragile pillars of our personalities.

And for that very reason, we shouldn’t stop flirting – FAR FROM IT – we just need to make sure we’re doing it in a more honourable and respectful way. And this is something the clever folks over at the School of Life have been exploring.

To summarise their thinking:

Good flirting isn’t about manipulation.

It’s about using the imagination to locate what’s attractive about another person. And then allowing that other person to believe firmly in their own likability – both physical and psychological.

After all, it’s good to be reminded about what’s likeable about us. AMMI RIGHT? In short, we all see ourselves as far from ideal, and flirting helps restore balance to this toxic view of ourselves.

But perhaps more importantly, it helps underpin the act arguably the most exciting thing about sex or sexual interactions: ACCEPTANCE

Erotic endorsement brings a lot of positives along with it, and they don’t all have to be about sex…

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