How To Tell If A Friend Needs Support During The Pandemic

It’s been a difficult year for all of us, so now more than ever we’re relying on our friends

The uncertainty of the pandemic so far and everything that has come with it has had a serious impact on our mental and physical health. We’re going through a lot, and we all need a little extra support. 

The pandemic means we’re likely to be struggling even more with some of the things that are tricky in normal times, and it’s caused many of us new issues too.

Things like… 

These can affect anyone. It’s perfectly normal to be struggling, and it’s really important to express these feelings to someone who you trust. It’s likely that your friends are in need of a little extra support too – but it’s not always obvious when they need your help. Here’s how to tell.

How do I tell if a friend is struggling?

Here are five signs you can look out for if you think a friend is struggling and may need some support. 

1. Not enjoying things they used to. 😔 

2. Not having as much confidence as they did before. 🕺

3. Spending less time with friends and family. 👪

4. Being tired a lot of the time.  🛏️

5. Talking about feeling sad or worthless. 😞

It may be that you notice all of these things, or just a few of them. You may also have friends who are able to hide their feelings very well, so it can be useful to ask your friends if they’re doing okay. Reach out and bring friends into the conversation.

What can I do to help?

If you’ve noticed a friend is acting differently to usual and you think they may be struggling, there are some really practical things you can do to support them.  Discover our top ways to support your friends who are struggling, click here.

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Last reviewed: 22 January 2021 | Image: Roberto Nickson via Upsplash