Friends With Benefits – Sex Outside Of Relationships

It’s consensual sex, but without all of the ‘love stuff’

‘Friends with benefits’ is a common name for no-strings-attached sex – the fun of a fumble with someone you know (and trust) but without the committed relationship.

For some people, this is ideal. It saves them from the ordeal of a one night stand, which can be more nerve-racking. Some people also want regular sex without the intensity of a committed relationship.

Others, meanwhile, prefer to be in committed relationships.

Whether or not you want a ‘friends with benefits’ kind of relationship is an entirely personal choice. No-one should pressure you either way.

As Hannah Witton says in her video below: “you shouldn’t start a f*ck-buddy relationship with the expectation of it becoming a relationship, that way you’ll only end up getting hurt.”

Thinking hard about what you want is crucial. And then it’s about communication.

You may think you’re being obvious with your body language or hinting, but these can be easily misinterpreted.

Sometimes it’s hard to voice our expectations and our wants, but making sure you and your buddy/ies are on the same page will make the fumbling far more fun.

That’s what it’s all about, after all!

Here’s a fun video by Hannah Witton and The Mix telling us more about being ‘friends with benefits’:

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