Fumble Talks: Abortion

Fumble Talks is our new series of audio packages on sexual health, in this episode Fumble Talks: Abortion

We’re excited to launch ‘Fumble Talks’, a series of audio packages on sexual health. In this episode, Fumble Talks: Abortion. How do they work? How can I get one? And what might it feel like to have an abortion? So whatever your situation, there’s plenty of support if you’re pregnant or considering an abortion.

Join us for a supportive and honest journey into abortion, and listen to real-life experiences and advice on how to access an abortion if you choose to have one.

It’s sometimes hard to access information on abortion, so if you want even more practical support, visit the NHS or Brook.

Illustration by Laura McHugh.

Fumble Talks produced by Phoebe McIndoe and Hailey Choi, with thanks to the guests featured in this episode.

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