Fumble Talks: Relationships In The Pandemic

In this episode of our podcast, young people across the UK explore how the pandemic has affected their relationships.

In this Fumble Talks, we speak with young people across the UK to explore the challenges they’ve faced in the pandemic when it comes to relationships, and discover how they’ve coped so far.

We explore the connections we have with ourselves, our family, our friends and our romantic partners… And all the different ways that these bonds have been tried and tested over the past year. 

Here, young people from across the UK reflect on their personal pandemic journeys.

Listen to Fumble Talks: Relationships (Pandemic Special)👇

Fumble Talks is produced by Phoebe McIndoe with music by Phoebe. We’d like to give thanks to all our wonderful volunteers for featuring in this episode, especially the young people at Firth Park Academy, Sheffield, and Epsom College, Surrey.

The pandemic has had a huge impact on all of our lives, and we’ve all struggled to understand and digest the changes that continue to happen all around us. Our pandemic support series explores young people’s experiences of COVID-19, and helps you start to make sense of the chaotic and uncertain time we’re living in.

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Last reviewed: 18 January 2021

Image credit: Eliott Reyna on Unsplash

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