Fumble Talks: Sexual Health

Fumble Talks is our new series of audio packages on sexual health, in this episode we focus on STIs, consent, and wellbeing

In this episode we talk: Sexual Health. So what is sexual health and well being? How do you feel good during sex? And how do you communicate with your partner during sex? So join us as we explore STIs, consent, and sexual wellbeing.

Fumble Talks is produced by Phoebe McIndoe. Music is also by Phoebe McIndoe. And with special thanks to our guest, Ilona Toller for featuring in this episode.

If you’d like to be featured in our next episode or want to find out more, please contact us at editor@fumble.org.uk. And if you loved our episode on Sexual Health, why not check out our episode of Fumble Talks: Abortion.

For more advice and support on sexual health, you can visit Brook, SH:24, or the NHS.

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