Fumbling Around…With Testicles

Do you know how to make sure everything is okay with your balls? Fumble’s guide to checking everything’s okay in the trouser department

It’s hard to imagine there are any men who are as stringent with ball-checking as medical professionals advise. But if you’re not regularly palpitating your gonads, you should be – a simple check every month or so could go a long way to preventing the full effects of testicular cancer from taking hold. It doesn’t take long, and it could be a lifesaver; so what are you waiting for?

Know your bollocks

The most important element of this peculiar but necessary activity is knowing exactly what you’re feeling, and what you’re feeling for. So make sure you check with enough regularity (around once a month) that you notice when something irregular might be occurring. That way you’re less likely to freak out if you notice something going on down there.

Cop a feel

The best time to examine your plums is while you’re in the bath or shower, when they’re nice and ripe. Support each testicle in the palm of your hand, becoming familiar with the size and weight of each.

Then examine them by rolling them slowly between finger and thumb. Spend a few minutes on each testicle, making sure you give yourself enough time before feeling satisfied.

You’re checking for a lump (which could be painless), an increase in size, extra hardness, a dull ache or heaviness in the ballsack. If you feel any of these symptoms or something doesn’t feel right, it is imperative to call the doc.

Grow some balls and tell the doc

It’s common to get bumps on the scrotum, and they are often completely harmless – or they could be a cyst, a fluid build-up or a sexually transmitted infection. So don’t keep yourself guessing, don’t be embarrassed, and see a doctor or nurse if you feel like something might be wrong.

Don’t go nuts

Around 2,200 people a year are diagnosed with testicular cancer, with a 98% survival rate of 10 years or more for those affected. So keep calm, be in the know and keep fumbling with those balls.

For more advice on checking your balls, visit the Brook website.

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