How Much Is Too Much Masturbation?

Masturbation is safe and fun! But how much is too much?

Masturbation is a fantastic way to get to know our own bodies.

That goes for everyone. Regardless of your gender or sexuality, whether you’re in a relationship or single, we all tick in different ways and it’s fun to explore what works for you.

There’s no correct way to masturbate. As Brook details, there are lots of different ways to explore your body.

Once you begin to understand what feels pleasurable for you, it’s also easier to communicate with partners. It’s a natural way of working out our own boundaries and what we want. 

It’s often described as simple: to know what we want.

But it gets a bit more complicated when there’s a lack of sexual health education in schools, when the very notion of sex revolves around penis-in-vagina penetration, and when pleasure is male/penis focused. 

Understanding our own boundaries, and what we like and dislike sexually, is really important – and masturbation can help with this process.

So, hurdling the stigmas around masturbation is the first big step. We’re exploring our own bodies and it feels fantastic. We’re discovering what feels good – and why stop?!

But what about when it’s too much? Am I masturbating too much now?

Don’t panic! Perhaps you and your body are in the honeymoon stage and you’re exploring a lot. That’s normal when there are hormones flying around.

How you masturbate, and how often you masturbate is a personal choice. Everyone is different.

The only point at which masturbation is “too much,” is if it’s significantly getting in the way of your everyday life. If it’s preventing you from going to school or college, or going out to socialise with friends, then it might be becoming a problem. 

But that goes for anything! Just like social media, exercise, or gaming, if they get in the way of education, work or socialising, you might be doing it too much.

As long as masturbation isn’t stopping you from going about your average day, you’re doing just fine. 

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