How To Learn To Love Exercise

Exercising is one of the best things we can do for our body and mind, so it’s time we learned to love it 

Many people struggle to accept the “exercise to improve your mental health” advice because it seems too difficult. Others have never found enjoyment from exercise, and see no reason they ever will.

However, from personal experience, I know exercise can improve your mental health and will make you feel great. Regretting the years I ignored the advice, I’ve put together a guide on how you can learn to love it too.  

“I Don’t Enjoy Exercise” 

It is scientifically proven that exercising makes you happy. Chemicals called endorphins are released which trigger a positive feeling.

There are so many different types of exercise. Maybe you don’t enjoy team sports, but it doesn’t have to be strenuous. Move your body in a way that feels good. Wiggle your toes, shake your head, stretch. It all counts. There’s also yoga, dance, horse riding, boxing…a quick online search and you’re sure to find something appealing. 

“It’s Too Expensive!”

There are multiple ways to exercise for free. Look online for tutorials. They guide you through simple exercises you can do at home, with no need for equipment. Running is a cost-free form of exercise, and you will also benefit from getting out of the house! While gym memberships can be pricey, there are cheap exercise classes available. Shop around your local area and you may be pleasantly surprised. 

“I’m Just Too Self-Conscious” 

First of all, you’re beautiful and deserve to feel self-confident. If you find the gym a high-pressure environment, there are lots of ways to exercise away from other people. If you are around others, know they’re focusing on their own workout, not on yours.

Remember, you’re doing something productive for your health. Red faces and sweat are nothing to be ashamed of! You’re making yourself powerful.

“Well, I Don’t Have The Time” 

A busy schedule can make exercising seem impossible, but it’s not. Why not try running or cycling home from work a couple times a week, or find an exercise class you can do with friends? That way you get your socialising and exercising done all at once.

Whatever works for you, find a way to love exercising. Not only will you improve your mental and physical well being, you’ll gain a new hobby and possibly new friends.

Now, go and run! Or swim! Or cycle…

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