When life gives you lemons, check your boobs

Viral photo shows signs of breast cancer, and alerts women about what to check for when feeling their boobs

How often do you check your boobs? Do you actually know what you’re looking for when you do it? Non-profit organisation ‘Know Your Lemons Foundation’ wants to make sure you do – and created a viral infographic to keep you abreast (HA) of any warning signs.

Here are twelve potential signs of trouble in the boob department:

lemons as boobs
Know Your Lemons Foundation

And here’s what you should be looking for during a breast exam:

what to feel during a breast exam
Know Your Lemons Foundation

The hit show ‘Sex Education’ on Netflix teamed up with Stella McCartney in this funny clip to remind you to check your breasts and dispel myths about the disease.

Other support

Check out these other great websites that offer both practical and emotional support if you’re worried about your own, or others, breasts:

Know Your Lemons Foundation
NHS – How should I check my boobs?
Breast Cancer Now – a research and care charity

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Think Your Boobs Are Weird? Probably Not

Last Reviewed 05 November 2021

Image Credit: Know Your Lemons Foundation

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