Male Body Positivity

Men and boys need body positivity too

We’ve all heard about body positivity for women, and that’s amazing. But there’s less talk about male body confidence – which is just as important! Fun fact: almost everyone worries about their body image, and gender has nothing to do with it.

It may feel hard, or uncomfortable to talk about your body worries – especially because society teaches men to be tough, and hide their feelings. But there’s nothing wrong with talking about your concerns. So don’t feel weird about opening up to someone you trust. Who knows, they may be feeling the same pressures.

Break the silence

Don’t forget that all men have insecurities about their bodies. Even if they don’t talk about them. Thankfully more men are breaking the silence on male body positivity and we love it!

Male body pressures

Despite these amazing body positive role models, there’s still a huge amount of pressure on men and boys to look certain ways. Men in the media have defined abs, chiseled jawlines, broad shoulders and tall frames.

But don’t be hard on yourself if you feel like you don’t fit this remit. A lot of these male models have been airbrushed and photoshopped into oblivion in those pictures, and represent a realistic benchmark. Remember that all bodies and all men are beautiful.

Love your body

So how exactly do you boost your body confidence?:

  • Focus on what you love about your body
  • Talk to your male friends about body pressures
  • Don’t body shame other men
  • Follow body positive men on Instagram
  • Prioritize your amazing character

For even more quality tips on how to love your body, check out YouTube personalities, Joey Gentile and Cole Ledford’s video:

Love yourself

Be confident and love your body. But most of all, remember that your physique does not define your value. You are so much more than this. Take time to reflect on all the things you like about yourself and all the amazing things you do in your life. Surround yourself with people that make you feel good and spread the love.

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