Masturbation seems a wild territory when you hear the rumours

But despite the myths, touching yourself will not make you infertile. Masturbation won’t make you blind. You won’t lose your hair. Nor will you grow extra hair from your palms.

In fact, it’s harmless and a very normal part of human sexuality!

Masturbation is touching your genitalia for sexual pleasure. It can otherwise be known as wanking, playing with yourself, jerking off, and more.

It’s a natural and enjoyable way for people to explore their own bodies and to find out what they like or don’t like.

It can be a great way to know more about what feels pleasurable for you. This can also make it easier to talk openly with (a) partner(s) about what feels good, if you want to.

That goes for anyone: people of any sex/gender, people in relationships, people who are single. Anyone!

There are rumours that only men/boys should masturbate and that people in relationships shouldn’t. These are myths and nothing more.

Everyone can join the fun!

Which they do. More than half of young adults (66%) aged 16-20 years said in a survey that they have masturbated.

So what’s the best way to touch ourselves?

That depends on what feels good to you. There is no specific way to masturbate.

Men usually stimulate themselves by rubbing their penis. Women usually touch their clitoris (the small bump before the entrance to the vagina) and the area around the vagina. Most women need to stimulate the clitoris to have an orgasm.

Saying that, everyone is stimulated in different ways and has their individual likes and dislikes.

In the same way that your friend may turn their nose up at your garlic-ridden pasta that you think is hands-down-the-best, we all have our own tastes.

This makes it even more fun!

Just as there are many ways to masturbate, how many times you masturbate in a day/week/year is also a personal choice.

You can masturbate as little or as often as you like. Some people don’t at all and that’s also perfectly fine.

It’s about you. It’s your body, so it’s your pace and your way.

Just have fun!

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