Meet The Headless Women Of Hollywood

We all love movies, everyone does – but one woman has picked up on a quite disturbing trend in the way they’re being advertised: meet the ‘Headless Women of Hollywood’

One of the many great things about women is that they all have heads. Every. Single. One of them.

They also have faces too, faces which make them human, rather than just bodies. Without the heads, and the faces, they’re just objects.

Perhaps the saddest part about the AJ+ video is that there is nothing shocking about it. Advertisers have long used sex to sell – it’s nothing new.

But in an industry populated by role models who proactively fight the good fight against injustice, Hollywood isn’t exactly leading by example in this instance.

It’s good job there’s someone else doing something about it then!

The Headless Women project – which was started up by comedian Marcia Belsky – draws attention to what has become a standard practice of fragmenting, fetishizing, and dehumanising the images of women we see in film and film advertising. It’s all being done for the male gaze, even if us males aren’t asking that it be so.


We’re not saying that you’re not allowed to find people sexy – you are, of course you are.

So, what’s objectifying then and why don’t we like?

Well, it comes down to two words – AUTONOMY, the freedom from external control or influence, and AGENCY, someone’s capacity to act out of their own choice in a certain environment.

You strip away either of those pillars and you’re entering into the arena of objectification, which is where there’s a sense that women are only there as passive objects for the make gaze.

And is that arena you really want to be in?

We thought not.

As the AJ+ video highlights through their absence, women have heads – so go talk to them.

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