No, Glitter Does Not Belong In Your Vagina

We all love to sparkle, but vaginas don’t need glitter to be magical

There are so many reasons why we love glitter, but it doesn’t belong everywhere. That’s why we’re calling time on the bizarre new trend encouraging women to insert glitter in their vagina to produce glittery vaginal fluid during sex.

Here’s why you should avoid it.

Your Vagina Is Perfect WITHOUT Glitter 

We don’t see products to make penises glittery, so why should women feel this pressure?

Women and girls are constantly told that their vaginas need to be sweet and beautiful. Reality check. Vaginas are supposed to smell like vaginas, not flowers. Deal with it. Your vagina is magical without the need for glitter, so don’t feel pressurized to use these glitter capsules.

How Do Glitter Capsules Work?

Glitter capsules are called “passion dust” and work by dissolving in your vagina. If you orgasm during sex, your vaginal fluid will be glittery.

This may sound great, but there are some serious side effects. And who’s genuinely going to notice whether or not your secretions are glowing in the dark?

Potential Side Effects

Dr. Jen Gunter and loads of other medical professionals are urging women to NOT put glitter in their vagina for so many reasons:

Vaginal infections. These capsules contain sugar, which can encourage harmful bacteria to grow causing yeast infections

Vaginal pain. The glitter may scratch your vaginal walls and may even travel from your cervix to your womb lining, causing unnecessary pain

Vaginal inflammation. Passion dust may cause painful and inflamed discharge. Ouch.

Glittery vaginas may seem like a fun trend, but think twice before you try this. There is such a thing as too much glitter. And your vagina is already perfect, magical, and wonderful. You don’t need glitter to prove that.

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