Outercourse — there’s more to sex than just having sex

Outercourse probably isn’t a term that you’ve heard too often, but it’s certainly something you’re going to want to know about.

What Is Outercourse?

Outercourse is non-penetrative sex (or ‘outer sex’ as it is sometimes known). It’s any act of a sexual action which doesn’t include the penetrative aspects of vaginal, anal, or oral* sex. Some penetrative acts such as fingering are considered to be outercourse, however.

*oral is considered by some to be non-penetrative – after all, there’s no panel of judges making the rules here, right?

How do I have Outercourse?

Outercourse comes in a number of forms ranging from kissing and cuddling to mutual masturbation and frottage (that’s French* for ‘dry humping’ to you and me), and plenty of other things in between.

*Not actually French, but sounds like it could be

Re those ‘plenty of other things in between’, bring up a new browser window and take a pick from the following: genital-genital rubbing (GG rubbing/frot/tribadism); foot/hand job; erotic massage; grinding; spanking, tickling, and yup, even just simple old kissing.

But it’s also more than just a ‘cheap thrill’.

Outercourse is also considered by some as a birth control ‘method’ or ‘technique’ – although at Fumble we strongly recommend using condoms or one of the many other available contraceptives to keep yourself safe if you’re engaging in any kind of sexual activity.

It’s used by some as a way of preserving virginity or practicing safer sex. For a lot of young people, it serves as an introduction to arousal and exploration of the body that comes before desire for explicit sexual contact. If you’re not ready for sex but want to explore someone’s body, then don’t feel pressured into doing anything more than just that.

For some it is the act, for others its foreplay; but for everyone it’s about learning what you do and don’t like, what does turn you on, and what doesn’t.

Outercourse seems to mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, right?

Did we mention that it’s sexual preference-neutral too?

There’s no harm in it either if all parties involved are consenting. If there’s not, then there’s a bigger problem.

In sum, outercourse should be nothing less than a positive journey of arousal and a broadening of the spectrum of sexual expression. Cool? Cool.

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