Pandemic Support: For Young People, By Young People

Struggling with the pandemic is normal. Our support series covers how to stay happy and healthy when it comes to sex, relationships, friendships, identity and mental health during COVID-19

Our pandemic support series explores young people’s experiences of COVID-19, and helps you start to make sense of the chaotic and uncertain time we’re living in. 

We’ve put this series together with funding from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund. Thanks to the Government for making this possible.

Need support?

Struggling with motivation? You’re not alone

Fumble Talks: Have You Struggled With Motivation In The Pandemic?

Supporting a friend – how to tell if a friend is struggling

How To Tell If A Friend Needs Support During The Pandemic

Supporting a friend – ways you can be there for your friends

Supporting A Friend Who’s Struggling With The Pandemic

Get support if you’re LGBTQ+ and in a difficult family situation

LGBTQ+ And In A Difficult Family Situation? Here’s What To Do

How to cope with loneliness

How To Cope With Loneliness And Isolation

Top tips for finding motivation when times are bleak

Struggling With Motivation In The Pandemic? Here’s How To Keep Going

Top places to find mental health support in the pandemic

6 Places To Find Mental Health Support In The Pandemic

Wondering how to keep relationships healthy during the pandemic?

How to navigate relationships in the pandemic

6 Tips For Navigating Relationships In The Pandemic

Where to get a sexual health check in the UK during the pandemic – any beyond

Where To Get A Sexual Health Check In The UK

How to access sexual health services and contraception in the pandemic (UK)

How To Access Sexual Health Support In The Pandemic


In our pandemic miniseries of Fumble Talks podcasts, hear from young people from across the UK reflect on their experiences of the pandemic so far.

More support

If you need more support or advice, there are people out there who want to help you. Here’s our top picks of places that might be able to help.

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6 Places To Find Mental Health Support In The Pandemic

Last reviewed: 25 January 2021 | Image Credit: Julia M Cameron via Pexels