Period Sex

Being on your period doesn’t have to stop you from fumbling

If you weren’t sure, period sex is exactly what it says on the tin – having sex whilst on your period.

There are some well-rooted rumours about having sex during your period – mostly ones to deter you from trying it. Never fear! Fumble is here to clear up some misconceptions.

First of all, not everyone wants to have sex when they’re menstruating. And that’s perfectly okay. It’s very understandable if you don’t want anyone near your vagina in those bloody, crampy days of the month. It’s a personal choice. However, if you are game for having sex on your period, there are some perks to be aware of.


Orgasms release ovytocin, dopamine and endorphins, which relieve period cramps. A natural painkiller! Orgasms also causes the uterus to contract, which shakes up the lining, dislodges it and releases it faster. This can mean shorter periods.


You may have heard the rumour that you can’t get pregnant when you’re on your period? It’s not true. You can get pregnant from period sex. The chances are small, but it’s still possible for sperm to live in the body for up to a week, which could collide with early ovulation.

There is also an increased risk of transferring STIs. Periods mean blood, so blood-borne diseases, such as HIV are more likely to be transferred during period sex. These can easily be solved by using condomsGetting tested regularly for STIs will also ensure your sexy time is safe.

Tips For Great Period Sex

  • Put a towel down underneath. This will save you from worrying about ruined sheets instead of enjoying yourselves.
  • Wear a condom. It’s wise to use a condom anyway, but it will also keep your penis from needing a thorough clean afterwards.
  • Have wet wipes and tissues to hand. Just in case it’s messier than you expect.
  • Have wet wipes and tissues to hand. Just in case it’s messier than you expect.
  • Shower sex. If you’re still concerned about the messiness, then hop into the shower!

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