Personal Hygiene: We Are All Pretty Gross And That’s Okay

Humans (yes, that includes girls) engage in gross habits and that’s completely normal and okay

But women and girls are often told to “act like a lady” by pretending that they fart rose petals or simply don’t poo at all.

Girls are taught to be ashamed about bodily functions that are completely normal from a young age. We’re all familiar with discreetly carrying sanitary products to the bathroom or whispering the word “period” so not to offend anyone. But this is completely ridiculous.

Thankfully Tallulah Pomeroy has created an incredible book with women’s confessions about their dirty little secrets. From smelling the contents of mooncups to peeing themselves in public.

The stories are hilarious, honest, and liberating. They teach us that it’s totally fine to talk about personal hygiene and taboo topics, such as vaginal discharge and biting toenails.

Be loud and proud about your personal hygiene. Let’s start the conversation young and talk about multiple femininities that challenge the idea that women have to be pure and clean.

Let’s talk to boys, men, and other genders about periods and discharge.

If we normalise conversations about natural and common bodily functions, the less ashamed girls will be about their bodies and the more we will be able to love ourselves — smelly, hairy, and all.

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