Fumble Talks: Pleasure

In this episode of Fumble Talks, we’re thinking about pleasure

What does pleasure mean to you? How do you find pleasure in your romantic or sexual relationships? Is discussing pleasure something you find easy or tough?

Asking for what we want in life, and feeling worthy, can be tough. This episode navigates that very tricky playing field and hears from Fumble Listeners as they discuss their own joys, challenges and unique pleasure-filled experiences. As ever, we’re touching on some rich and complex themes: consent, communication, confidence, identity.

“I think good sex is first of all when there’s consent, second of all when you can communicate openly with the person you’re with, and thirdly, when it feels good. Just those three things.”
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Fumble Talks is produced by Phoebe McIndoe with music by Phoebe. We’d like to give thanks to all our wonderful volunteers for featuring in this episode and a special thanks to content advisor Cara Mahon. 

If you have a burning-idea that you’d like us to explore in the next Fumble Talk, please contact us at editor@fumble.org.uk. And if you loved this episode check out Fumble Talks: Sexual Health for more heart-felt and candid conversation.

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Last reviewed: 18 January 2021

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