Fat and Fabulous

Curvy girls are nailing their outfits and you can too

Plus-size clothes can be terrible. The fashion industry has decided that shapeless dresses and floral tops are the only clothes larger women can wear.

But don’t worry, fashion bloggers are fighting back. They’re deciding for themselves what they want to wear. Rightly so. Gathering a ton of followers on social media, they are showing off their stylish outfits. Making it crystal clear that you can be FAT and look FABULOUS at the same time.

That said, it’s still hard to find amazing outfits and fashionable clothes as plus-sized women. So here’s some handy tips for looking and feeling fabulous when shopping for plus-sized clothes:

Embrace your belly

Curvy girls are always told to wear clothes that hide their stomach. Don’t listen. Flaunt your curves. Wear that tight dress. Your belly is beautiful.

Try on multiple sizes

This is a must. You will probably be a different size from one brand to another. Even within one brand, you may need different sizes for various garments. Don’t feel bad about the size numbers. As long as you feel great, who cares.

Avoid the High Street

It’s frustrating when most High Street clothes for plus-sized women only sell high neck or long sleeved tops that hide your body. No-one wants that. There are a few diamonds in the rough though, with some pretty decent plus-sized lines – Forever 21, M&S, and Nike being some of them.

Know your measurements

This makes online shopping so much easier as they often have guides with cm or inches. This means you have a better idea if the garment will fit.

Follow plus-size bloggers

There are so many gorgeous plus-size bloggers and models out there who ALWAYS nail their outfits. They’re not afraid to show some skin and they look fabulous. Follow Sarah MoffatZoe Godfrey-Meers, and Kitty Underhill for some uplifting body confidence.

Wear whatever you want

Don’t listen to people who say you should wear black or baggy clothes to hide your curves. You can wear bold prints, tight dresses, and bright colours and look incredible. There are no ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’, so feel great in what you’re wearing.

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