Ridiculous Things Straight People Say To LGBTQ+ Folk

Don’t get me wrong, straight people are great… I mean, I have LOADS of straight friends. But the way straight people talk to people who identify as LGBT+ can get a little tedious at times.

In our fabulous queer existence, we’ve all at some stage encountered one or more of ‘these’ comments. It’s easy to laugh, joke and shrug off these comments. But they can really sting.

“I went through a ‘gay’ faze in uni.”

*sees a queer person holding hands with their s/o* “Oh my god, I think what you’re doing is soooo brave”

“Was it hard telling your parents you were gay/lesbian/bi/trans?”

“But how do you guys… like you know… do it?”

“I’ve always wanted a gay BFF!!”

“You’re gay! Do you know my friend Stacey? They’re also gay!”

Cue eye roll.

And to be honest straight culture *straight* up confuses me…

Sometimes it feels like we don’t know whether to laugh, cry or self implode.

But, we’re a resilient bunch, witty, smart and god damn hilarious. So sit back and watch this video because let’s face it… we deserve a good laugh.


If you ever feel like you need to talk to someone/let off steam

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