Sexual Health And Wellbeing: All Things Mental Health Podcast

We appeared on the All Things Mental Health podcast to talk about the link between sexual and mental health

In this episode, Lucy our CEO and Aneeska, the host of the All Things Mental Health podcast, sit down and talk about how sexual and mental health are linked. They also discuss the way the internet affects young people’s health.

More and more young people are using the internet to find answers to their questions about sexual and mental health. However, the resources they find aren’t always healthy or accurate. With social media creating damaging ideals about body image and pornography being used as an example of what to do during sex by around 40% of young people according to the BBFC, it’s no wonder young people are struggling.

This is where Fumble comes in.

We make sure that young people have the skills and knowledge to successfully manage their sexual health and relationships by providing safe and shame-free online content. We also look to fill the gaps left by traditional relationship and sex education in schools, from topics like the experiences of LGBTQ+ young people to how to cope with your own mental health

Listen to the episode here (CW: sexual violence briefly mentioned in this episode):


All Things Mental Health is a University of Oxford funded podcast about young people’s mental health. The podcast is presented by Aneeska Sohal, who is also a trustee for the student mental health charity Student Minds.

It’s edited by Saul Devlin, a Music and Sound Recording student and is illustrated by Lizzie Knott, the recent winner of a 2020 World Illustration Award. All episodes of the podcast can be found on Spotify and don’t forget to check out their Instagram, @allthings.mentalhealth, for more!

Other Support:

Have you been affected by the issues raised in this podcast? Here are some of our favourite places to get some help:

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Last reviewed 10 August 2021

Image Credit: @lizzieillustrates on Instagram