Six Sex Positive YouTubers to Check into Your Sub Box

Is there stuff you want to find out about sex, but can’t face raising with your parents or teachers? Before you get lost in the echoing chambers of Reddit or other dubious online sources, check out this list of brilliant sex-positive YouTubers, who can offer a wealth of savvy, sexy information.

1) Hannah Witton

Hannah is the first person that comes to mind when I think ‘sex positive YouTuber’. Her channel covers aspects of sex from contraception, to sexual health, to masturbation, and more.

Hannah also runs a podcast/video series called Banging Book Club with fellow YouTube friends Lucy Moon and Leena Norms. Each month they read a book related to sex or gender and discuss their thoughts on it.

If that wasn’t enough, Hannah recently released her first book, Doing It, that’s – you guessed it – all about sex!

2) Shan Boody

Shan is a sexpert whose videos cover sex, love and relationships. She gives great advice on boosting your confidence and embracing your sexuality, but also discusses more serious topics like consent and emotional health. In a Beyoncé-like way, she’ll help bring out your inner sex goddess.

Shan has also published a book called Laid, which is a collection of number of teenagers’ sexual experiences and thoughts: a great read for young teens who are thinking of venturing into the world of sexual intercourse.

3) Calum McSwiggon

Calum makes videos about sex education, gay rights, mental health and much more. He raises a lot of discussions on different topics within the LQBTQ+ community as well as his own sexuality and experiences.

My favourite videos are Calum’s Sex Confessions, where he and a guest read out anonymous sex confessions submitted by viewers. It’s not only hilarious but it also helps normalise discussing the nitty gritty ins and outs (pun intended) of sex.

Calum has such charm and a warmth to him – he might be the most likeable YouTuber out there! Maybe it’s the Irish accent. I do love a good Irish accent.

4) Stevie Bobby

Stevie makes videos ranging from pranks, to sex advice, to singing covers. They aren’t just educational, but super funny. Her How-To videos explore topics like masturbation, lesbian sex, surviving your period, and coming out.

Stevie’s a great watch for a laugh and especially great for learning how to please a vagina. The girl knows what she’s talking about.

5) Ash Hardell

Ash makes super creative videos about many things, including sex. She often discusses the complexities of identity and the LQBTQ+ community.

Ash even has an educational book on identity called The ABC’S of LQBT+. Her book is a great way to familiarise yourself with gender identity and sexual identity!

6) Melanie Murphy

Melanie discusses all sorts of topics on her channel: including periods, mental health, food, and of course sex. One of her most recent series’ is her monthly PMS Party videos – where she chills out with a snack and chats all things period while riding the crimson wave herself.

These help normalise talking about periods – and are a good reminder that it’s fine to acknowledge your time of the month and wallow in a full on chocolate-indulging slug mode.

As someone who loves discussing and learning about all things sex, these six sex positive YouTube creators are always welcome in my sub box. So, if you’re looking to expand your sex knowledge and inject some positivity into the way you view sex, definitely check them out!

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