So, You’re Sapiosexual…

“Sapiosexual” is more than just a dating buzzword that is new to most of us… here’s what it means

Brains are sexy.

They’re also a muscle*.

(*OK. OK. They’re not actually a muscle, but they do behave like one, as they can be trained to improve and develop.)

Either way, sapiosexuals find them sexy. And there’s the science to prove it.

That’s right, S-A-P-I-O-S-E-X-U-A-L-S. They’re people who find intelligence sexually attractive or arousing.

If you use any dating apps, sapiosexual is a term that might have popped up in a box that you could use to categorise your sexuality.

For some it’s a reality – that’s who they are. In fact, the science we mentioned earlier suggests that almost one in 10 people aged between 18 and 35 could be sapiosexual. For others, it’s a statement that flies in the face of the hook-up culture which dominates mainstream popular culture.

Scientists consider sapiosexuality less a ‘sexual orientation’ than an ‘identity.’ Whatever your gender or sexual preference, you can be sapiosexual.

It’s just a bunch of ugly nerds who are into it though, right?


When we’re talking about intelligence, it doesn’t need to be all about education. It can be as much about emotional intelligence as it can about anything else.

Ultimately when stripped back to its core, being sapiosexual means that you’re attracted to meaningful conversations about something which matters to you.

So go, get talking!

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