Social Media Vs. Real Life

Are You Living An Insta Lie?

We’ve all warped the truth at some point on social media.

Just little white lies to make ourselves look happier, healthier, more active, more sociable, more of this, and more of that… 

Basically, we want everyone in our social networks to see us living our ‘best life‘.

And there’s no harm in a bit of truth twisting, right…?

Well, sometimes not, but other times, maybe, there is?

So, when does it go too far?

Rather than representing real life, it’s easy for social media to get in the way of reality. It can distort how we see both our own lives, and other peoples’ lives.

We choose what we share and how we share it. Our online feeds quickly turn into highlight reels: everyone is their best self, always, and without fail. 

This even has the potential to become addictive, which isn’t good. 

Ditch the Label has created a video that captures this point, showing the most popular lies that people tell online. Give it a watch! 

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