Superdrug Is Launching Its Own Morning-After Pill

The new emergency contraceptive will be half the price of other brands

Superdrug is well known as a haven for affordable makeup, beard shampoo, and shower gels that make you smell like fruit yoghurts – and now the company is launching of their own brand of emergency contraceptive, which will sell for half the price of the average pill.

That’s right, we said HALF THE PRICE.

The morning-after pill is an emergency hormonal contraception which girls can take to prevent a pregnancy up to 72 hours after having unprotected sex.

It’s available in lots of places, and free from GP surgeries and sexual health clinics.

But if you can’t get to one of those in time, you might have to resort to buying it over the counter from a pharmacy, which can be pretty expensive. The average cost of the morning-after pill in Britain is £28 – but the new Superdrug morning-after pill will be available for a far more affordable £13.49.

The chief executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service Ann Furedi has praised Superdrug’s announcement. “We know the high cost of emergency contraception can be a major barrier to women accessing it when their regular method fails,” she said.

“Superdrug has illustrated that where appropriate it’s perfectly possible to sell this safe and effective medication to women at a significantly more affordable price than is currently on offer. There is frankly now no excuse for others not to do the same.”

Although a cheaper morning-after pill is good news for women, it’s important not to rely on it as a regular contraceptive option.

Make sure you are practising safe sex if you’re having it, and remember to speak to your doctor if you have any concerns.

For more information about contraception and emergency contraception, check out the Brook website.

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