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There are many ways for you to get involved with Fumble. Your support ensures young people can access supportive, healthy, and engaging information on sex, relationships, and wellbeing.

Donate to Fumble to support young people with inclusive, relevant, and non-judgemental quality digital education on sex, relationships, sexuality, and identity.


Join our volunteers in fundraising for Fumble to help young people develop their knowledge and skills so they can have happy and healthy relationships. Find our more about fundraising for Fumble here.


There are lots of exciting ways to get involved with Fumble. Learn about our latest volunteer opportunities here.

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Press and Media 

We welcome interview requests, speaking opportunities, and event invitations on a range of topics affecting young people. We cover issues including sex, mental health, relationships, identity, sexuality and gender. Contact us at

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We love to hear from brands and organisations who share our values. If you want to discuss sponsorships, partnerships, or corporate social responsibility activities please get in touch at

Other Ways to Get Involved

If you have any other questions or ideas on how to get involved with Fumble, please drop us a line at