10 Tips For Achieving Relaxation

Whether you suffer from mental ill-health or not, it is important to take time to yourself to achieve relaxation. Here are ten helpful tips:
Find An Animal Friend

Many studies have shown that animals help reduce stress in humans, so find an animal to hang out with. You’ll not only achieve relaxation, but enjoy yourself too (and who can resist a cute animal!)



If there isn’t a handy animal near by, a well-loved cuddly toy will do the trick, or a hug with another human.

cuddle for relaxation


Listen To Music

There are loads of relaxing playlists out there, simply search ‘relaxation’ on the music streaming service of your choice. Many people also find a great way to release stress is by singing along to a favourite song.

listen to music


Watch A Well-loved Film

Watching a familiar film or tv show can be a great way to distract yourself from any causes of stress. watch a film


Drink A Hot Drink

There’s nothing a hot cup of tea can’t fix! (Or another hot drink of your choosing.)

have a cuppa


Watch ASMR Videos

ASMR videos are lovely way to find relaxation. They can cause a tingly feeling round your head, and clear your mind of stress.

ASMR relaxes


Try Meditation

Meditation gives you a moment away from the rest of the world to feel at one within yourself. There are lots of guided meditations available on YouTube.

meditate for relaxation



Massages are great, but if you don’t have the time or money to book yourself one there are multiple self massage techniques you can try yourself. Check out this step-by-step guide to self-massage.


massage away stress


Treat Yourself

It’s important to treat yourself! Have your favourite snack or buy new clothes (just make sure it’s something you can afford and it’s something you really want!)

treat yo self

The easiest way to relax also has guaranteed effectiveness. Focus on your breathing, trying to make it slow and even. Try counting to four as you breathe in, hold for a second then breathe out for four. Resting your hand on your stomach helps you focus on the rise and fall of your breath.

breathe slowly

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