That’s Harassment: #3 The Boss

Introducing the film series ‘That’s Harassment’

Sexual harassment sounds simple enough to spot, right?

It can feel a lot more complicated when it’s happening in real life.

Sigal Avin’s film series ‘That’s Harassment’ shows realistic scenarios of sexual harassment and highlights that it is harassment.

The films spotlight the power imbalances in the workplace. These can make it very difficult to say something.

First, we saw sexual harassment from a coworker. Secondly, sexual harassment from a client.

This third film shows the power imbalance between the employer and the employee.

It can feel very complicated when it’s your boss who is making you feel intimidated and uncomfortable.

Cue the third in the series…

The Boss:

The videos don’t have to be seen in a particular order and you can check out the whole series here.

If you have experienced or are experiencing something similar, there is support available for you.

The film series shows sexual harassment in a specific, gendered way. It isn’t always like this and it is still harassment. The support is still available.

Fumble has listed some steps you can take if you are experiencing sexual harassment here, as well as other sites with further information.

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