That’s Harassment: #5 The Photographer

Introducing the film series ‘That’s Harassment’

Sexual harassment can feel complicated enough in an office or doctor’s room.

What about workplaces that revolve around bodies and appearance, like film, music, modelling and fashion?

Sigal Avin’s fifth film in the series: ‘That’s Harassment’ takes a look at this scenario.

It spotlights the difficulty in speaking out in a workplace that normalises sexual harassment.

Cue the fifth in the series…

The Photographer:

The videos don’t have to be seen in a particular order and you can check out the whole series here.

If you have experienced or are experiencing something similar, there is support available for you.

The film series shows sexual harassment in a specific, gendered way. But it isn’t always like this, and it is still harassment. The support is still available.

Fumble has listed some steps here as well as other sites with further information.

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