That’s Harassment: #2 The Actor

Introducing the film series ‘That’s Harassment’

Here we have another snapshot of sexual harassment, directed by Sigal Avin.

We introduced the film series ‘That’s Harassment’, which is spotlighting sexual harassment for what it is.

The first film shows a scene between co-workers but, of course, that’s not the only scenario.

This film shows sexual harassment from a client.

There’s often a power imbalance between those servicing and those being serviced.

We’re told that “the customer is always right” and a significant part of the job can be pandering to their needs.

This film shows an even steeper power imbalance, when the client is a celebrity.

Though, it’s important to note: celebrity or not, it is still harassment.

Cue the second in the series…

The videos don’t have to be seen in a particular order and you can check out the whole series here.

If you have experienced or are experiencing something similar, there is support available for you.

The film series shows sexual harassment in a specific, gendered way. It isn’t always like this and it is still harassment. The support is still available.

Fumble has listed some steps here as well as other sites with further information.

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